WW84: Where Are All The Women?

Excerpt: As Wonder Woman 1984 opened on Themyscira, I was delighted. The synchronized athleticism and surely intentional Olympic feats displayed against a lush, cerulean landscape harkened to scenes filmed over twenty years ago in New Zealand of a different group of Amazons in Xena: Warrior Princess. However, the rich mythos that rules the Xena-verse was, simply put, lacking in PattyContinue reading “WW84: Where Are All The Women?”

On Southern Queerness and Representation

Excerpt: When I put on Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters for the first time, I wasn’t expecting much. I had spent the last hour laying on my couch, continuously revolving between crying over the woman that had just ghosted me on tinder and the rejection email I received on top of that while listening to songs professionally engineeredContinue reading “On Southern Queerness and Representation”

Naya Rivera and Preventable Death in the Time of Pandemic Coronavirus

Excerpt: The world, but particularly Americans, are living the large-scale consequences of mass noncompliance with prevention guidelines as Florida leads global COVID-19 caseloads. The same qualities apparent in those unwilling to wear masks or take other social distancing precautions are seen in those who partake in behaviors like driving under the influence or unsafe sexContinue reading “Naya Rivera and Preventable Death in the Time of Pandemic Coronavirus”